Friday, August 23, 2013

Betty Gets A Facelift

Oh my, it's been a while since I have posted. I have tried to write a couple of times but once I took that little break it was really hard to get going again. Now I know how kids in my classroom feel when I ask them to write...sometimes it just doesn't flow from your head to your hand. So what have I been up to? Well, we took another trip to PEI which was just glorious. Stayed in Cavendish for two nights at a campground, and then we towed Betty to Savage Harbour where  we boondocked at a friend's cottage overnight. So sweet, two little grandkids who absolutely loved our camper. I suppose to children it looks like a little playhouse.  The boy (who is 3) was calling it a mini-camper. Love that :) But now we have been home a week and I have made a few changes to my mini-camper. Here's what she looked like before PEI...
This week I decided to paint the maroon stripes a different colour, it's called Whisper and it's Rustoleum paint that I actually bought  two years ago to do this project. So are you ready for the big "reveal"? This is what she looks like now after three coats. Drum roll please.....

I love her new look! Oh, and did you notice anything else? Yes, I removed the giant G decals too. Next project is a new awning!

Thursday, August 01, 2013

Co-Co the Caravan

I love this little poem, Co-Co the Caravan. It comes from this vintage book:

The Co-Co the Caravan poem reminds me of my little trailer, Betty. I have two lamps in my trailer and I always turn one on early in the evening. That way when I look out from the cottage "Betty" looks warm, cozy, and inviting. Like the poem says, "A warm friendly welcome". Oh, and did you notice the rabbits in the picture? Well, for some reason we have several rabbits around here this summer. I have seen three, but lately it's just been two that come out to nibble. Not at night like in this illustration but more in the morning and early evening. Too cute!