Monday, September 30, 2013

Pillow Palooza

I think I am losing my marbles! I was so sure that I had already posted about my polka-dot trailer pillow, but then I discovered that my newest pillow had not made her debut! So here she polka-dot flannel for the background topped with an off-white wool trailer. I used some vintage fruit and berry fabric for the window and door, then embellished it with a red ribbon stripe and a button tire. This brings the pillow count to 10, no make that 12. Guess that's enough! If the door ever flies open when we're travelling down the road there's gonna be a lot of pillows flying out of Betty!

Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Girl Camp Canada - NS Rally

A couple of weeks ago I attended a Girl Camp Canada rally at Caribou-Munroes Island Provincial Park. This was the first rally for GCC women from Nova Scotia. Definitely one of those events where we arrived as strangers, enjoyed ourselves, and left as friends! There were six trailers, eight women and three fur kids (dogs). Here is my trailer nestled in a lovely wooded site.
This caravan belonged to Stacey from Sydney. She calls it Bea! Did you notice the little Dutch door? Be still my heart...
You would not believe the size of the window at the hitch end of this English cutie. It's the size of a picture window in some living-rooms!
If you would like more info about this beautiful park along the shores of the Northumberland Strait, here's a link to the park brochure.

Saturday, September 21, 2013

Until The Day After Forever

I'm back from my blogging vacation! Wow, when did September become the busiest month of the year? Not only am I back to school (teaching Grade 3), but I've had our youngest daughter's wedding and a trailer rally too. So today's post is about the wedding! Such a gorgeous September day at Pictou Lodge overlooking the Northumberland Straight. Just as we were being seated there were seagulls swooping along the water, but as soon as the ceremony began they flew away. It was as if they knew they were not on the guest list..
This  is a picture of me lacing up the back of  the bride's dress.
Here's a shot of the ceremony. They were literally four feet from the edge of that cliff. I was fine until the photographer got up on a stepstool and then I was nervous thinking one wrong move and someone was going to end up in the ocean, lol.

Jill had chosen coral and turquoise as her "colours". It just so happened that the Lodge had bicycles that fit her colour scheme.

 After the reception, they hosted a beach bonfire very close to where this shot was taken. It was a fun (but very busy) weekend. Congratulations, Mr. And Mrs. David Williamson!

Sunday, September 01, 2013

My Vintage Vacation Treasures

Well, here's my loot from our PEI trip! A salt shaker, a Thermos celebrating Canada's Centennial Year (1967), one cute little Matryoshka doll, PEI camper salt n' peppers, and one vintage table runner. Can you tell what image might be on that runner? Yes, those are antlers. I found this at Time Worn Treasures in Charlottetown. If you like vintage treasures this is a great shop to visit! I made two little deer pillows from that runner. Here's one...

Every time I look at this pillow It reminds me of my dad. He loved to go deer hunting every November.