Saturday, September 21, 2013

Until The Day After Forever

I'm back from my blogging vacation! Wow, when did September become the busiest month of the year? Not only am I back to school (teaching Grade 3), but I've had our youngest daughter's wedding and a trailer rally too. So today's post is about the wedding! Such a gorgeous September day at Pictou Lodge overlooking the Northumberland Straight. Just as we were being seated there were seagulls swooping along the water, but as soon as the ceremony began they flew away. It was as if they knew they were not on the guest list..
This  is a picture of me lacing up the back of  the bride's dress.
Here's a shot of the ceremony. They were literally four feet from the edge of that cliff. I was fine until the photographer got up on a stepstool and then I was nervous thinking one wrong move and someone was going to end up in the ocean, lol.

Jill had chosen coral and turquoise as her "colours". It just so happened that the Lodge had bicycles that fit her colour scheme.

 After the reception, they hosted a beach bonfire very close to where this shot was taken. It was a fun (but very busy) weekend. Congratulations, Mr. And Mrs. David Williamson!


  1. Just beautiful....a beautiful bride and a lovely wedding...the weather was perfect!!!! Love & Happy Sept Hugs!!! Sue

  2. Hello Sue!
    Yes, it was quite the day. So glad you and Donnie were there to share it with us. It's hard to believe that it's been two weeks already. Looking forward to a less busy fall.


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