Monday, September 30, 2013

Pillow Palooza

I think I am losing my marbles! I was so sure that I had already posted about my polka-dot trailer pillow, but then I discovered that my newest pillow had not made her debut! So here she polka-dot flannel for the background topped with an off-white wool trailer. I used some vintage fruit and berry fabric for the window and door, then embellished it with a red ribbon stripe and a button tire. This brings the pillow count to 10, no make that 12. Guess that's enough! If the door ever flies open when we're travelling down the road there's gonna be a lot of pillows flying out of Betty!


  1. That is so cute! Your design is simple and precious. But then I love your pillows. This one just joins the bunch of fabulous pillows!!

  2. Lynne, too funny! I was just on your Pinterest boards and when I checked my blog you had left this sweet comment :). Thanks for the visit! Pretty much done with making pillows for this year. Now I need to get my awning design finalized. I really want that ready for next summer.
    Happy travels,

  3. Hi Beth: your pillow is just sweet...I know it will look great on Betty's bed...hugs...Sue

  4. Greetings Sue!
    Yes, Betty's bed is covered in pillows :) The best place ever for an afternoon nap on those lazy days of summer!


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