Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Betty Visits Spud Island

Caribou Ferry Terminal
I am going to tell you all about last weeks vacation to Prince Edward Island. It's been a couple of years since we had been to "the island", and we had never taken our camper. So last Tuesday we rolled into the terminal lot in Caribou, Nova Scotia at 7am to catch the 8am ferry. It wasn't long before the Holiday Island boat docked and the vehicles started to roll off. I was a little nervous when I saw that there were two levels. My DH assured me we would not be loading on the upper deck but down below with the transport trucks. See that 18 wheeler? These trucks are in fourth gear by the time they ht the parking lot! Although passenger vehicles can make a reservation, we couldn't because of our trailer. But getting on wasn't an issue and it was actually not a busy crossing. As you can see I had no problem finding a bench on the observation deck.

The crossing takes about 75 minutes   so we were on the island by 9:30 and at the campground  shortly after 10am. We chose a wooded site at Seal Cove Campground which gave us lots of privacy. I love wooded sites but the mosquitoes almost drove me crazy! It was so bad  that I didn't even take out my iPad to get a picture of Betty or our set-up. My husband golfed at a different course each day while I poked around the antique and gift shops in Murray River and Charlottetown. On Friday we caught the 11am boat back to Nova Scotia. Here we are in the bowels of the Confederation ferry parked alongside a truck carrying pulpwood to one of the mills in NS. I couldn't wait to get back in our SUV where I felt a lot safer. But overall we had a great time and we might just do it again in August!


  1. Sounds like a perfect Island trip !!! Hugs....Sue

    1. Hi Sue :)
      Well it was pretty good trip, but no one knows the Island like you! Fell in love with a sweet shop in Charlottetown. I think it was called Timeworn Treasures on St. Peter's Road. Could have spent a day in there!
      Cottage hugs,


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