Saturday, February 15, 2014

Confession # 7, I Don't Like To Cook

This is what I look like in the kitchen. "Oh shoot, that was supposed to be a half cup of milk, not a cup!"
I really don't like to cook or bake. I just don't seem to derive any joy from it. You make a meal, a half hour later it's completely gone, then in a few hours you start all over again. So what's the point? I want someone to invent meals that look like gummy candies. You know, some are shaped like fish. A turkey dinner would be a little brown turkey; a lobster dinner would be a little red lobster. Just think how much time this would save! No more lugging in the groceries, putting them away, preparing the food, cleaning up afterwards, taking out the garbage...Just sayin'.


  1. LMHO !!!!!!!!!!!!
    Too funny

  2. Glad you enjoyed my little rant. So the other day I was out shopping and I spied a package of wine gum candies. Hmmmm. You could always add a glass of wine to your lobster dinner :)


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