Sunday, September 07, 2014

To Buy Or Not To Buy

I'm baaaaaacccccckkkkk! Yes, I am back from my five month blog-cation. Where did the time go?
But I want you to know I have been busy. Busy checking out this property, a cottage in the same area as our present cottage. I have to say, this style of home would not be my first choice if I were selecting a house plan, but once I'm inside I don't mind it. See this is why I love it...
Isn't that view amazing???? (Just 14 short miles across that body of water (the Northumberland Strait) is PEI, Canada's smallest province. But of course every property has pros and cons. The biggest thing is that we are looking for a place to live year round. Unfortunately when this cottage was built they put it on posts, so that means we would have to jack it up and put it on a proper foundation. Not easy and definitely not cheap. Also, there is the ever present worry of shoreline erosion as captured in this photo. 

But who knows, neither of these reasons may keep us from purchasing this spot. Oh, did I mention that I have been to the property 16 times? (Well technically only 14 visits because the other two visits were only to the beach in front of it.) Thank heavens no one is living there or I would be in jail by now ;-)

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  1. This is a beautiful cottage and has a wonderful view. It would be a big decision to make for the purchase with the fact that the cottage has to be lifted and a foundation put under it. I'll be interested to know of your decision. All the best. Pam


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