Tuesday, November 18, 2014

False Holly Jackpot!

False holly grows in wet, swampy areas of Nova Scotia. That's what makes it so challenging to harvest. Confession here, I almost got a "soaker", LOL. But I persevered and cut some of the best holly that I have ever seen! Check it out...

Yes, that's a big bird's nest right in the middle of the branch. Surely that should bring some Christmas luck :).  I can hardly wait to get this in my urns with some fir boughs around it. Here's a close-up...

When I got back to the cottage to take these pictures I heard two gunshots! Good thing I had on my husband's red ski jacket and my hunter orange toque! Accidents do happen so you have to be pro-active. Who knew harvesting holly could be so dangerous?


  1. Is that the same as winterberry? It grows here in NB too but I've never seen it in my area. I would love to find some and have seen it at the market for sale. The nest is sweet. Good thing you had on some bright colour!

  2. From what I've read it's the same bush. As you drive along any country road just look closely in wet areas. The red berries really stand out now as these plants have lost ther foliage. Patches of this plant are usually quite small but they are visible, especially if the branches are laden with berries. Make sure you have a good pair of rubber boots on your feet as the best specimens are aways in the wettest spots ;) Oh, bypass pruners are handy too!

  3. Wow, that will be some gorgeous display. Very pretty. I do see where we like the same colors...love your headed with all those gorgeous pillows.


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