Friday, June 21, 2013

Confession # 4, I Go Curbside Shopping

Yes, it's time for another confession. Sometimes I have been known to go curbside shopping. Yes, it has happened once or twice in my life. Not many times, but a few. Twice a year our county has Clean Up Week where residents are encouraged to put their junk out at the curb. There are some rules and regulations, but basically you can put anything out there with the exception of electronics. So this spring on our way to the cottage I spied a wicker planter. Luckily we were towing our utility trailer and there was room for my "find". My DH said he would stop but I would have to go and get it. He didn't think I would, but I unloaded two pairs of boots from it and carried it to the trailer. It fit in just perfectly between the mower and the tail gate. This is what it looked like then...

This is what it looks like after some prep work and two cans of spray paint. Hopefully I will get it finished before the transplants are sold out. I think it will look  great at the cottage with all my other wicker pieces. Gotta love curbside shopping!


  1. Hi!
    I've never seen anything on the curb here in Portland except glass and cardboard. You must have a different kind of curbside service......lucky you!! I think your find will look great planted!

  2. Last of the paint goes on this weekend and then the plants go in! Clean Up Week is a trying time for me. I love to look at all the stuff as I am driving by. Of course that means my eyes are not "on the road" where they should be. I often wonder if the accident rate goes up during CUW, lol. There are guys that go around and collect scrap metal during this time, especially if the price for scrap is up. It really is quite interesting to watch which things get snagged first by the Sanford & Sons.

  3. I love curbside shopping! Not only do you never know what you might find, but it's free. Last summer I rescued our neighbor's old dresser. I painted it up in pink and yellow and we use it as a serving buffet during outdoor parties in the summer.

    1. Yes, free is always good! I am always amazed at the things I spy during clean-up week. I have to restrain myself or my DH would leave me, lol. I guess it's true, one man's trash is another man's treasure :)

  4. Love the wicker planter!! We have bulky cleanup, that is what it is called here. They used to do it every 2 years but now they do it as needed. No fun for me:) I used to love going around and seeing what I can find. Can't wait to see the planter with your plants in it
    have a great day

  5. Hi Deezie. Hopefully I will have that planter finished by this weekend. It may have been "free" but it's costing me a fortune in spray paint, lol. Happy July 4th!

  6. Oh Beth...I had to laugh at this one!! I myself have seagull in my blood. I love to scavenge for anything to repurpose. I may blog about my seagull blood now! Thanks for the inspiration.

  7. I love that term "seagull blood"! When it's clean-up week it takes all my willpower just to get to school. Sometimes I tell myself, "if it's still there on the way home I'll stop". Of course it's always gone by then; the good stuff goes quick, lol.


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