Thursday, October 31, 2013

Happy Hallowe'en

Saw this vintage postcard on Pinterest and it brought back some childhood memories. Did you ever bob for apples? Hardest thing ever unless you could corral an apple with a long stem! Hope you have a wonderful Halloween. It's a busy night in our neighborhood. I am writing this post in between running to the door to hand out treats. We usually get 130+ trick or treaters! 


  1. Hi Bethaloo: what a sweet card. You had a busy night!! I had three little trick or treaters!!! Halloween Hugs!! Sue

  2. Hi Sue: It was a busy night, but not as busy as past Halloweens. This year I only handed out about 90+ treats. I think our sub-division is maturing, lol. Lots of great costumes...a couple that were really scary!
    November hugs,


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