Sunday, November 03, 2013

Mr. Mouse

See this little guy. How cute! NOT. No, not when you discover that he has been visiting your trailer!!!
Yes, as I was taking all my goodies out of Betty yesterday, I discovered some mouse droppings under one of my dinette benches. Yuck!  Maybe there was more than one and they were having a party down there...
Oh my, I knew it had to happen sooner or later. Funny thing is, this is the first year that I even thought to plug the sink drain hole with steel wool. But research tells me they can get in through a hole the size of a dime. Guess they had several entrances to choose from, LOL. Lucky for me they did not get up into the living quarters. My 14 pillows would have been shredded to make their little mouse nests. So what did I do after I made this discovery? Well, I cleaned up their mess with Pine Sol and then set a mousetrap outside underneath the trailer. Next weekend before we tarp Betty for the winter I will lay a few fabric softener sheets inside too. Then I will cross my fingers and wait for Spring...


  1. Yuck! I actually like mice and rats as pets, but not running around making messes! So far I've avoided any visitors in my trailer. I really stuffed almost a whole box of dryer sheets in all drawers, cupboards and corners. I also got some glue traps and placed them around inside. I hope I'm covered! I've heard of so many gals having messy surprises and destruction from those tiny creatures. I'm glad you found out before you had damage.

  2. Hello Lynne: Oh I am hoping to avoid a mess inside but you never know. They have managed to get in our cottage a few times and one year they had been everywhere! I could write a book and title it Mousecapades! I am a little nervous to set a trap inside Betty as once she is tarped I won't be able to check inside for a few months. A decaying mouse might leave an odor. I think I will place some cotton balls dipped in peppermint oil in a few corners this weekend. Poor little critters...just trying to find a warm spot for the winter, lol.

  3. New to your blog -- oh, may goodness those critters can sure be a pain..
    I am just starting to re-build a Shasta trailer - which will be an art studio.. but keep the exterior as close as I can and gathering ideas -- all such fun.. but still trying to find the year it is.. Anyway glad to have popped in.. I'll be back..

  4. An art studio inside a Shasta sounds wonderful. I was lucky to visit an art studio this afternoon, but it was tucked inside her house :) What year is your trailer? Thanks for stopping by, Beth.

  5. Hi Beth, I was going to suggest peppermint oil dipped cotton balls to you, then read your reply to Lynneferd. I had a mouse issue in my 73 Atco trailer in VT...I actually blogged about it. No more mice for two reasons...One is to seal all mouse entry holes. And two is set out these cotton balls at the old entrance holes. They smell fine and mice won't go near the peppermint. Hint: I actually used camphor cream (very strong mint scent). Love your blog!

  6. Hi Gail. I hope I have all the holes sealed in Betty. Steel wool works great! Definitely not something I want to be dealing with on a regular basis :) Lucky for me they stayed inside the bench box seat. I hate to think of the damage they might have done. Thanks for your sweet comment and for becoming my latest follower. Hope to get some more trailer related posts happening soon.


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