Friday, November 22, 2013

A Sneak Peak

Yes, yes. It's that most wonderful time of the year. The lull between having my first term report cards finished and Christmas. I absolutely love Christmas. I think I inherited that from my dad as he loved Christmas too. So today I decided to begin my decorating. Well actually I put up one decoration earlier in the week, a swag on our antique hall tree. I like to take my time and haul out a few things as the mood strikes.

 These photos show an old crock filled with pine, fir, red ozier dogwood twigs and false holly. They should rename that "hard-to-find holly" as I only found one patch of it last weekend on our way home from the cottage. It likes to grow in wet, swampy areas so luckily I had my rubber boots with me. In the next couple of weeks I hope to share a few more photos of my Christmas decor. Stay tuned!

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