Friday, March 07, 2014

I'm Floored!

Source: Pinterest
Well, I'm not "floored" yet but I hope to be this spring. Thinking about changing up the flooring in my camper to something like this. I love how sharp this looks! (Does anyone even say sharp anymore, lol?) I have been thinking about this black and white checkerboard look for a while. In fact I have spoken for a remnant of this vinyl cushion floor (twice!) but it happened to get sold to another person each time. So this spring I think I will just get a box of peel and stick tiles and try laying them myself. But here's where this situation gets interesting. My DH is in the flooring business and I am buying peel and stick tiles to install myself. Reminds me of the cobbler's kids...running around with holes in their shoes :)


  1. Hubby may be in the business but there is something to be said about doing the floor yourself, even if its not as good as he may make it. I do wonder if you might not be better waiting for a vinyl remnant so water and humidity can't get between the cracks. (Happened to me)

  2. New development, Dragonfly. This morning I read my post and your reply to my DH. His reply, "she's right. I'll get right on it." I think he just needed to be reminded about the floor again. It was actually a local building supply company that mixed up my order and sold the remnant on me. I really loved it because the tiles were 9" on the cushion floor. I think that size tile looks to be more in scale with the small size of these floors.

  3. Sweet trailer .. floor is nice. We put new link tiles in our 55 boles, cutting the 12 inch square tiles to 9 inch square tiles. What a job!


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