Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Mainly Munching Muesli

Long, long ago I had muesli at a Swiss restaurant in London, England. Strangely, I had it for supper but it is really meant to be eaten for breakfast. I am not sure whether it's this wintry weather or what, but I decided to try my hand at making muesli this week. Oh. My. Heavens. Why have I waited all these years to replicate this yumminess? It is so good and it staves off the mid-morning munchies too. Apparently it was first "developed" by a Swiss doctor (Dr. Bircher) to get his patients eating healthy foods. You can search the web (where i found this photo) and find all kinds of different recipes. I don't think there's a a wrong way to make muesli, as long as it has some oats, fruit, nuts and yoghurt. I toasted my oats with wheat germ and almonds first, then added raisins, dried cherries and apricots. Just remember to soak your mixture overnight, then add yoghurt and fresh fruit when you are ready to eat it. Here's a link if you would like more muesli ideas. 

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