Sunday, May 31, 2015

Life Is An Adventure

Life is an adventure. Yup! It sure is. I will say this, winter was an adventure here at the cottage (our home). But it's over (thank heavens) and tomorrow marks the beginning of June. Ahhh, summer is my favourite season and it's off to a good start. We had our first cottage bonfire last night. Nothing like a bonfire to reconnect with cottage neighbours. Lots of laughs!
Then today we hit the shops since it had turned cold and started to rain. I was delighted to find this new flag. I really wanted the mini size one but they only had the large size. But that's ok because I have a cottage flag pole. I even found some Happy Camper duct tape at Michael's. I wish I could get Betty set up for the summer but right now she is doing double duty as our on-site storage unit. But that will change shortly when we get our bunkie. Stay tuned...


  1. Yes, it was quite a winter in the Maritimes! We are all happy that spring is here. I hope you have some beautiful summer days. Enjoy!

  2. Hi,
    I love your camper flag and would grab that camper duct tape if I see it here (Southern Maine). We camp in a vintage-looking 2010 Casita and just love it. We're coming up to New Brunswick in it in August. Found your blog from Pamela's blog and look forward to following you.
    Cheryl at 22 Applegate Lane


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