Monday, September 05, 2016

Confession # 9, My Thoughts On Pets

Confession number nine. I'm not really a pet person. What??? True. Probably the only person to ever write this in her blog. I'm not scared of animals, well, maybe snakes. But I just don't want a pet to look after. Please. Don't. Judge. Me. I know, I am probably in a very small minority, like let's say 0.0001%. My husband on the other hand would love to have a dog. Not a little dog, but a lab or a golden retriever. But I say just borrow a dog if you want a "dog fix". You see, in our cluster of 10 cottages there are a total of  8 dogs (and one cat). All shapes and sizes, all makes and models! No need to make it 9 doggies, just go ask a neighbour to borrow their pooch. There, problem solved. Ha!

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