Wednesday, May 01, 2013

A Step Up

Have you seen this idea? Not sure where I stumbled upon this picture, but it caught my eye. This trailer owner spray painted their trailer step and then applied stars cut from skateboard grip tape. Think I'll try this on Betty's step. I sprayed it with primer last fall, so I am already halfway there!


  1. Beth, I love your pillows. Did you do the stitchwork?
    One of the things on my bucket list is a trip to Nova Scotia. My people came from there (Atwood)
    Would love to follow your blog of your adventures with your little vintage trailer. I live in Florida. Ewetopia is my little 1975 Scotty. Look forward to following your blog.

  2. No, I didn't do the embroidery. I just cut up an old runner and sewed it into two cushions. My favourite pillow is the one with the pears on it. I made that from two old tablecloths; the rest of the fruit cloth I turned into curtains. It is so fun to whip up furnishings for these little trailers. Hope you get to visit NS someday :). Haven't met anyone by the name of Atwood yet, but you never know.
    Happy trails,

  3. Hi Beth,
    I just love your step. Love the cool stars. I need a step in my camper, don't know where to find a cute one.
    happy weekend

    1. Hi Deezie. Well my step doesn't quite look like this yet. But I was looking at it today and now I don't think there is enough space for those stars. So I guess I will just spray paint it black. Maybe in time I will have a wooden one made because these retractable ones are a little dangerous. It seems they are too small and too close to the trailer. Seems to be ok when entering my trailer, but I've almost landed on my face a couple of times coming out. So a bigger, wooden one would probably be safer in the long run. Loving this nice weather we are finally having. Beth


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