Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Trailer Pad

Did you know that Betty has her own spot? Yes, yes. Last year my DH and I built a trailer pad out of patio blocks. I love it! We used 24" blocks to make a pad 3 blocks wide by 4 blocks long. Then we added one extra block for the trailer tongue. If it gets muddy (and it sometimes does), I just hose it down. Same thing after he mows - first I sweep it, then out comes the hose. Here's another shot taken with my husband's phone...

It took a morning to build the pad but I think it is worth it. Our soil at the cottage is mostly clay so every time it rains heavy, the water just puddles on top. This little pad keeps some of the dampness away from the trailer's undercarriage. It also makes it easy to level the trailer as the jacks have a nice firm footing. Oh, and those three aprons are just there to demo my little trailer clothesline that I have across the front end. Easy to make using flexible curtain rod tubing and screw eye hooks!


  1. Hi
    Love the trailer pad your sweet camper is on and just adore those aprons. I love aprons. Its so smart of you to have that spot for your camper. Just shows how much you love her :)
    have a great day today

    1. Hello Deezie.
      Yes, that pad has made the world of difference. It gives it that campground vibe :) We really should add one more patio block just below the step because I can't use my camping mat as it would kill the lawn. I love old aprons too, especially the homemade ones. I always look for them at the thrift stores!
      Enjoy your weekend :)


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