Tuesday, May 07, 2013

Tweet Tweet!

Ice Cold drinks are only $1 at my new birdhouse. Not sure where the birds will perch, but I think this will be adorable hanging in the trees near my camper. Don't you just love all the beautiful bird sounds you hear in the spring? I sure do. 


  1. Hi
    Love your new birdhouse!!! I think it will look adorable no matter where you put it.
    A few months ago, I purchased one from Susan Branch. I had mine hanging outside and then brought it in to our ourdoor gazebo, closer to me so I can enjoy it better:) love camper birdhouses
    have a great day, enjoy your birdhouse. You should take a picture and show us where you decided to put it

  2. Hi Deezie!
    Oh, I didn't know Susan Branch sold camper birdhouses. I love her things. I have a tall post with a hook so hopefully I can get my new birdhouse set up on that. But every time my DH mows I will have to move it...same with my little flag and my Pleasure Chest cooler. Gives me something to do, haha.


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