Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Confession # 6, I Stalk Vintage Trailers

I stalk vintage trailers... and one of my favourite tin cans of all time is this '54 Shasta! The first time I spotted it was about four or five years ago when I was checking out trailers for sale on eBay. I believe they were asking $10,500 for this particular trailer. I am not sure if it changed hands or not...something tells me the reserve bid was not met. It really captured my attention because they had great photos of the restoration process.  Every once in a while a photo of this Shasta will pop up on Pinterest and it makes me wonder where it is now.
I love the yellow and red color scheme! And how handy would that dolly-wheel thingy be? You could easily manoeuvre your mini-mansion around your driveway or campsite!

Here's an interior shot...gorgeous birch panelling, wall sconce and  banquette seat cushions. I have never come across a photo of the sleeping area, but I can only imagine  how sweet it is. 

Do you have a favourite tin can that you stalk? Do tell :)


  1. That is a sweet thing! I love the little trailer that has scallops and red with white polka dots on the bottom half. It is owned by Angela and is pinned often. She painted it with chalkpaint.

  2. I scrolled through your trailers board on Pinterest...is it the 1966 Serro
    Scotty? Love that paint job! Have you ever seen interior photos of it?

  3. I would give anything to find one of these - would love to convert it into a guest " cottage "
    How gorgeous!!!

  4. Oh there are lots around once you get your vintage trailer spotting goggles on :). I have a 5 minute commute to school and I pass by 3. My little Betty is mainly used for a guest cottage/bunkie at our cottage. It's great for that or just as a little retreat. I love to have my morning coffee out there, or afternoon tea. Hands down, best place to nap EVER!

  5. I have never stalked a trailer until now. Here's the one I would love to own. It's for sale, only five hours away!!! I could indulge my love of pink without having to lift a finger to repaint and everything. So pretty!! http://kpr.craigslist.org/rvs/4295488899.html

    1. Yes, I was looking at that one the other day. Seems like a good price considering everything that has been done. Love all the pink, seems to really suit it!


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