Friday, January 31, 2014

Trailer Trash Dream

Guess who stopped by my trailer today?  Matthew McConaughey and his cute dog, Foxy, came by to check out my little tin can. Foxy was really well behaved, she (?) didn't jump all over my bed (and 14 pillows) with her muddy little paws. Matthew didn't stay too long, about an hour or so. Mostly we chatted about vintage trailers and how much he loves his Airstream. Now if I didn't have my vintage trailer I probably never would have met Matthew. 
Rats! I just remembered that I forgot to get him to sign my guest book :(


  1. That is awesome! Swoon. Glad he's kept his Texas accent.

  2. Yes, I love his accent :) Always makes me swoon! I cannot wait to get my trailer out of storage and set up for summer number 4!


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