Friday, January 03, 2014

Snowshoes, Skates & Sleighs

I  know Christmas was last week, but I just have to show you these photos. Nova Scotia got hit with a blizzard today and this is what my front porch looks like tonight...the North Pole!

Do you see that rocker?  I dragged that wicker chair home from the thrift shop a few years ago.  And it's really hard to see (because it's covered in snow) but the cushion on that chair is made from my dad's  red plaid hunting jacket. 

Those vintage snowshoes are special too. They belonged to my cottage neighbour. He used to wear them when he had to check on telephone poles in remote areas. When my neighbours were selling their cottage a few years ago  they put them out with their trash on garbage day.  I couldn't let them go to the landfill so I dragged them back to my cottage :)

I don't think I'll be sitting in my wicker rocker sipping coffee anytime soon, but I love my front porch all decked out for the holiday season!



  1. Your front porch looks cozy even in the snow. I love the idea of the cushion from your father's plaid jacket. It's a nice memory every time you step onto the porch.
    Winter has been mild here in Fairview, OR. USA. I love snow and hope we get a dusting this winter..... pretty, but doesn't cause much trouble.

  2. Yes, I am all for a dusting of snow! We did have quite a bit of the white stuff but luckily we received some rain this weekend which washed most of it away :). I am always amazed at how green the grass remains even after being covered in a foot of snow and ice. Of course we have a lot of winter left yet!

  3. Beth, I too am a saver of things "tossed out". Love the porch inviting.

  4. Thank you for the compliment, Gail. Since these pics were taken we have removed the wreaths and sleighs. But I left the chair, skates and snowshoes out there. Still lots of winter left :(


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