Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Halfway Through Winter

Well, we must be halfway through winter. Please tell me we are! My patience and love for this season is beginning to wane. But last Saturday I went on a little outing. Yup, to the RV Show in Halifax. It was actually my first time to attend an RV show and I must say I enjoyed it. There were five of us  on this little outing, all members of Girl Camp Canada.
Lots of RV's with all the amenities were crammed into Exhibition Park. I almost fell over when I entered one large fifth-wheel and it had an island in the kitchen.  Can you imagine? Another had an ensuite bath and a floor to ceiling fireplace! Oh my we had  a great time checking out all the latest they have to offer in recreational vehicles. Just by chance, when we were getting ready to leave the show we discovered some cute trailers made by a company in Quebec.  These beauties have a one piece fiberglass roof which should eliminate a lot of potential leak areas. Here's the link if you are interested in finding out more info. Happy dreaming :)

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