Tuesday, March 26, 2013

3-in-1 Cooking Center

Have you seen this 3-in-1 cooking center before? This is exactly what you need if it's raining and you don't want to cook outside. I first read about it over at Little Vintage Trailer when I had just bought my trailer.
http://littlevintagetrailer.com/2011/08/cooking-in-little-vintage-trailer/. It fits across my propane stove (which I have never used), and also across my flip-up shelf. When it's not in use, it stores perfectly inside Betty's closet. I am sure the designer never meant it to be used in a trailer, but it's great if you just need to make breakfast for two!


  1. Beth,
    just found you and have enjoyed browsing thru! Love your charm bracelet, have one too from back in the day. I also cannot pass up children's books when I find them at yard sales, thrift stores etc and spent my teenage years water sking every weekend during the summers with my family. Your little trailor is adorable! We never had a trailor but did have one those big camper trucks with the camper built on which we always took when on a skiing weekend. (That was way back in the 60's)! I'm your newest follower and will be checking back often. Would love for you to visit me!

    1. Hi Rebecca. Thanks for checking out my new little blog and becoming a follower. I just hopped over to yours and had a peek at some of those nice antiques. I bet your shop was just the kind I like to poke around in:) ...my husband, not so much, haha. Come visit whenever you can! Happy trails, Beth.

  2. HI there
    I love this!!! I saw the same one in Turquoise and have to get it for our RV. Lucky you to have gotten one in a pretty red to match your camper

    1. Oh my, turquoise would be lovely! I think I've seen them in black too. I was quite thrilled to get this from my daughter for Christmas 2011. She had to have it shipped by post from JC Penney's stateside because they aren't available here. When I pack it away in Betty's closet there's barely an inch to spare!


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