Friday, March 15, 2013

All Lit Up

Have you ever wanted a lampshade but couldn't find anything that went with your decor? Well here's an easy fix. Pick up a self-adhesive shade from your favourite craft store and cover it with fabric that coordinates with your furnishings. When you peel off the wrapper, that becomes your template. I was able to make this shade from a gingham dinner napkin! First I layed the wrapper on the napkin and cut out the fabric leaving about a half inch hem all around. Next, I put the fabric on the self-adhesive shade and folded under the hem along the back seam and glued it down with fabric glue. I also folded the excess fabric over the top edge and glued that down. To make sure it held I secured it with clothespins until the glue dried. Then I repeated this along the bottom edge. When that was dry, I glued on some ball fringe and held that in place with clothespins. These shades come in different sizes and styles (round and square). Easy breezy!

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  1. Hi there
    Cute idea, love how the lamp came out


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