Monday, March 18, 2013

Confession # 1, I Love Doin' Dishes

Big confession coming...I love to "do dishes". Yes, I love to wash dishes or dry them if someone else is washing. So imagine my joy when I found this mini sized dish drainer at a local discount store. It fits right between Betty's sink and stove. Now mind you it can only hold about two plates and two mugs, but it's not like I'm cooking Christmas dinner in my tin can, LOL. My sink doesn't have a gray water tank so I keep a dishpan in the sink. I also have another small enamel basin in case I need a little water for something. It's all pretty compact, but it seems to work! How about you, do you like to wash or dry dishes the "old school" way?


  1. Hi

    Love the way the whole kitchen area looks, the dish drain is adorable. I dont'mind washing dishes. I think the bowl in the sink is a great idea

    1. Hi Deezie!
      Thanks for all your great comments about my trailer :). There is something about such a small space. It's quick and easy to decorate; not like a house!
      Fingers crossed that second tarp stay on and Betty is still in one piece when I get back to the cottage.
      Happy trails,


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