Saturday, March 02, 2013

Heart Rocks


Heart rocks, another collection of mine. I'm telling you, I never return empty handed from the beach, haha. In the summer I display my heart rocks on the ash plate of our wood stove, but when it's wood stove season I keep them in a Mason jar. Only one has any real significance. See that one on the far right of the bottom row? Found that on the beach the day after our oldest daughter became engaged. I think that might be a good omen ;)


  1. Hi Beth,
    Love the Heart Rocks.... What a beautiful collection. I was so thrilled to see that you were from Nova Scotia Canada.... Even though I'm from Iowa it was one of my dreams to go to Nova Scotia, so back a few years ago we loaded up our mini motor home with 4 kids ages 15-4 and our family dog and went to you beautiful Provence. It was such a wonderful trip.

    Happy Trailers,

    1. Wow, Nancy! That's so neat that you and your family have been to Canada's Ocean Playground. We do get a lot of visitors from the States every summer.


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