Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Confession # 3, I'm Not A Joiner

About a month ago I stumbled upon this Facebook group. I think I googled vintage trailer decor and this newly formed group came up in the search. So along this blogging journey I have already made two confessions. Are you ready for number three? I'm not really a 'joiner'. But I joined this group, GCC, my very first FB group, and I have to say I quite like it. The icing on the cake is that they made Betty their first cover girl! How cool is that? I had forgotten to share this with you, and then I checked the date and realized that if I didn't share this news soon there would be a new May cover girl and my 15 minutes of fame would be over. I think mom would be proud to have a trailer named after her who was chosen to be the very first cover girl of Girl Camp Canada. 


  1. Beth,
    Your Glendette is well deserving of being the cover girl!! I have never heard of that brand. Do you know where it was made? Tell me about this group... Sounds fun.

    Happy Trailers,

  2. Nancy,
    Glendale trailers are a Canadian brand of trailers. From what I can tell they were made in at least three different locations in Canada. I have read about them on the Tin Can Tourist site.
    The GCC group is just getting started. I think we are about 150 members strong. Some members have trailers, while others are still on the search for theirs. Some are making plans to hold get-togethers this summer. Unfortunately, not many of the gals are from the Maritime provinces- New Brunswick, NS and PEI.
    Happy trails,


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