Monday, April 22, 2013

Comfy Cosy

It took me a little while to figure this out...why fold up the sofa (gaucho) bed after you use it? Now I just leave it in 'bed mode' all summer long. It's not like you gain a lot of room by folding it up. Plus, this way it's always ready for guests (or for me to crawl in there and have a nap). I have to say, nothing beats a trailer nap in the middle of the afternoon with the sun streaming in! I have a feather duvet and about eight pillows on that little bed. Every glamper needs a comfy, cosy nest!


  1. Love this idea... Your pillows are so cute... Did you make them?

    Happy Trailers,

  2. I made the pear/red check one as well as the embroidered flower ones. That was just a runner that I cut up, and I used table napkins for the backs -- pretty easy. That smaller pillow in front came from the thrift store, as well as the pillow case for the pillow in back. One thing about cushions, they are pretty easy and quick to make up if you don't include ruffles or piping. Think I might get one of those foam 'egg carton' mattress pads to make my bed a little more comfy this summer because that sofa bed mattress needs more padding! :)
    Happy trails,

  3. Beth,
    what a clever idea, who doesn't need a sweet napping spot!
    Your pillows are so cute, makes me whish I could sew! What a special place to spend time!

  4. Hi Rebecca!
    Oh, it is a wonderful place to hang out. I love to escape out there with a cup of tea and a few magazines. Pure bliss!

  5. Hi
    Oh your camper looks so pretty and cozy. I love the way its all set up for a nap. Love the colors.

  6. Hi Deezie,
    Oh it's cozy! That bed is really about a twin size when it's folded down. I guess king size beds had not been invented back in '69. One thing about these colours, there are lots of red and turquoise things in the stores these days-- makes it easy to decorate. I have been toying with changing the colours, but I will leave that for another year. Once I finally decide on an awning color I probably won't be changing things. If I get anymore trinkets in there we won't be able to haul it down the road,haha.


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