Monday, April 01, 2013

The View

This is the view from our cottage (and my little trailer). I took this picture last summer on an absolutely flat. calm. day. If you look closely you can see the clouds reflected in the water. That dark line is Prince Edward Island across the Northumberland Strait. That point of land on the right hand side is named Johnson's Point. I have walked around there a couple of times at low tide. Now I don't want to mislead you, not every day is this perfectly calm, haha. If the wind is out of the east, there is no place more miserable! But most days there is just a nice ocean breeze to cool you off, and keep the bugs away.

This was the view last Saturday. Again, it was a flat. calm. day. You can barely see PEI off in the distance. There was some open water, but the Northumberland Strait is still packed with ice. My husband and I took a walk down to the beach and returned via the road. Some of the fishermen were loading their lobster traps into the fish shed in preparation of the upcoming season which opens May 1st and runs until June 30th. You can order your lobsters and pick them up when the boats come back to the wharf around noon--Monday to Saturday. (They never fish on Sunday.) Oh my, I can hardly wait for lobster season!


  1. HI there,
    You are so blessed to have a view so beautiful.

  2. Hi Deezie.
    Thank you for the sweet comment. We love our view. The beauty about not being waterfront is that we don't have to worry about erosion. It's about a two minute walk to the stairs which go down to a nice little "pocket" beach. You cannot see it in these photos but there is another point of land that protects the beach on the left hand side. If our view wasn't so nice we would probably take the trailer and go camping more, lol.

  3. Hey Beth, luv your 'view'... as for the snow,,, I hear ya,,, tomorrow we are suppose to have 7 days of rain with a day of no rain starting tomorrow... so I will have to go and tarp over both trailers 1st thing tomorrow morning... oh well, short lived as it was, it was nice to get the 'girls' out of the barn....
    Hang in there, camping weather will come,,,, and then we can all go and play in our weel houses on wheels!
    Wagons HO!

  4. Katmom,
    You're absolutely right, camping weather will come. I don't know why I'm always so impatient for spring and summer to arrive, but I do this to myself every year :)
    Hope you got those tarps on to protect those cuties!
    Happy trails,


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