Monday, April 15, 2013

More Beach Glass

In February, I mentioned that I like to collect sea glass or what I call 'beach glass'. I display most of it at the cottage.  Some I have in jars and they make great doorstops. On the coffee table I have this glass star where I keep my most recent finds.

Every once in a while I find 'beach china' and I keep that separate in this little dish, a gift from my dear friend, Nancy.

I adore these pieces. Some I thought were just clam shells when I stooped to pick them up, but when I turned them over they were china.  Oh happy day! But not every day is Christmas at the beach...


  1. Hi there
    Love your beach glass!!! I live almost on the beach here in CT and when I go for walks on the beach and find seaglass, its like finding gold to me. I love it so much. I make windchimes and jewelry with mine. Sometimes I mosiac with it. I also collect seaglass marbles. Oh my when I find a seaglass marble its like Christmas, just like you said. I love the beach pottery also.
    happy day to you

  2. Hello Deezie!
    That is such a coincidence that we both collect sea glass. I've only found just one marble after collecting for 14 years.
    I never find any glass in Florida, but a friend found that pink piece and brought it back to me.
    I have my blue pieces in another jar, well really it's a hurricane lamp. Finding a blue piece is always a big deal!
    Happy hunting,

  3. Hi Beth... oh, how I miss the ocean and "collecting"... I was born right across from the ocean in Scotland. After all these years of living in Canada, I still cannot shake my desire to be by the sea! Cheers~

  4. Hello Heather...yes, the sea gets in your blood. I don't think I have ever lived more than 45 minutes from the ocean except when I was attending university. I often go for a walk on the beach when I am at the cottage, and I always come back with some little treasure. Not sure why, but I do :)

  5. Hi Beth...I love the "beach china"! I collect china and glass pieces at our cabin in the woods, and I just got a great idea....I will get a tumbler for my china pieces! Thank you again for your crafty inspiration!

  6. Hello Gail...A tumbler full of china pieces would be sweet. I have often thought about making a piece or two into a pendant, but I would never wear it. I'm just not into jewelry. But I love to see these unique pieces on others. Weird, eh?


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