Friday, February 22, 2013

Beach Glass Bonanza

Yes, I call it beach glass. I figure you find it on the beach therefore the term "sea glass" just doesn't seem right. But whatever you call it, I think you will agree that this is a pretty good haul for one evening at the beach. I have never found an old marble before, but I did that night! So what do I do with all this glass you might ask? Not much. I have filled some mason jars with it to use as door stoppers at the cottage. I also give some to my students each year after I read the beautiful story,  The Story of the Sea Glass by Anne Wescott Dodd.

It doesn't seem to matter how much I have at the cottage, I never come back from the  beach empty handed. My favourite pieces are the blue or aqua ones. I also have a small dish filled with beach china. But that's a post best left to the summer when I am back at the cottage and can get a good picture of it :)

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  1. I collect beach glass too, and especially love the aqua colours. I always have my eyes on the ground whenever we go to the beach (closest beach is two blocks away, so that's often!). I keep it in jars so I can admire it every time I step into my craft room. Someday, I'll incorporate it into some sort of art...


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