Saturday, February 23, 2013

Eye Chart Art

Here's a quick and easy craft to make. Just in case you need to test your eyes, make your very own eye chart! Go to and type in your message. (I like to have a saying with 28 characters, otherwise it will add random letters at the end to fill it up to the maximum of 28.) Mine says "Happiness is a 69 vintage trailer". Then just print it off on scrapbook paper and frame it. My frame was purchased at the local thrift store and I gave it a couple of coats of Blue Ocean Mist by Krylon. Easy peasy!                                                                                   



  1. oh my stairs! Where do I begin? I LUV your creativeness in your trailer!

    1. Thanks, Grace! The hardest part of this was getting a screw through that wallboard, haha.


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