Friday, February 15, 2013

My "American Beauty" Cushions

This is the what all the cushions in my trailer looked like when I bought it. The gaucho bed and the four dinette cushions were all upholstered in this gorgeousserviceable, never-to-wear-out fabric! Apart from a few dog hairs they were as clean as a whistle. Partly, I am sure because they had been recovered in another layer of pretty, brown print cotton. It didn't take me too long to whip off those covers and place the cushions in the sun to air them out. As they were airing I made the decision to have then recovered. I called a local upholsterer and we met to review my options. Luckily, he had a sample of some red vinyl on hand so that made my decision very easy. This vinyl is easy to wipe clean and a perfect fit for my trailer that stays mostly at the shore. (Wet bathing-suits are not a problem with vinyl.) Now for the details...I only had my dinette cushions recovered.  I was able to use the original foam inserts; they just needed the edges steamed to make them puff up. The red colour is called "American Beauty" and it's made by Naugahyde. Cost? Approximately $100 per cushion, but don't tell my husband :).

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