Sunday, February 24, 2013

Colorful Curtains

I was just looking over some of my trailer photos and it struck me that some people might think I own more than one trailer due to all the different curtains. No, just one tin can! That is more than enough to look after, LOL. Most of my curtains came from the local thrift store, that's why they're all a little different. The back window is covered with a white, lace trimmed valence, while the side windows sport tea towels. Huge expenditure here-- each towel cost $1.25!

Up front, in the dinette I have curtains that are made from a vintage fruit print table cloth (another thrift store find). It was painful to cut up that cloth, but I used every scrap of it! Some to make a cushion cover (see top photo) and some for tie-backs.

Lastly, another vintage valence with a fruit motif graces the front window. It may seem a bit busy but strangely enough all the colours and patterns seem to work.


  1. I really love trailers with different curtains in all the windows. It's a great way to use favourite fabrics in an interesting way and play with pattern and colour, too!

  2. Isn't it neat how all the colours and patterns work so well together. My favourite ones are those fruit motif ones above my bench seat. There was only enough fabric for two curtains. I sort of cheated for this photo and put both curtains on one rod, but usually they are on opposite windows :)


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